Ice Cream Party for 100

This is the 3rd year we've hosted an "End of Summer Ice Cream Party" before the kids all head back to school.  It's a great excuse to try a lot of different flavors and discover some new favorites. Basically we have a bunch of our neighbors and friends and their kids come over and help us taste test a dozen yummy, fun, sometimes funky flavors that we've made. This year we had over 100 ice cream aficionados.

How many pairs of shoes are there?

We were on a tight schedule this year, as we only had 5 days to prepare most of the ice creams after getting back from the dude ranch.

In order to get all the batches done on time, I cheated a little with the ice cream freezer bowls. I have a Cuisinart ICE-20 and an old Donvier unit. Normally, you're supposed to freeze the bowls for 24 hours. Instead, I started cutting it down to 20 and then 18 hours so I could get a faster turnaround.

It wasn't so much a problem with the Donvier, since I could stick the whole Donvier unit into our large freezer between cranks. But the Cuisinart, since it requires electricity, couldn't go into the freezer. So I ended up sticking one of those insulated grocery bags over the Cuisinart. It actually made a big difference.

I also used a no-churn recipe which didn't require using any freezer bowl.  Chocolate Cherry Pie Ice Cream, turned out to be one of the favorite flavors!  So next time, I wouldn't hesitate to try more of those.  They really are easy to make.

More ice cream recipes to come, but I'll leave you with a pic of the party aftermath, courtesy of my friend Kerei!


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