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Quick Apricot Cake

As some of you may know, I adore Blenheim apricots - so much so that I planted a tree in our backyard; I'm constantly on the lookout for new ways to enjoy 'cots. Naturally, I was super excited when my friend Janis gifted me, For the Love of Apricots. 

As a cookbook, For the Love of Apricots is chock full of delicious ways to use apricots in its many forms - fresh, dried, jam and liqueur. The book is also a memoir I can personally relate to, wistfully recounting the days when apricot orchards ruled the Santa Clara Valley, before they were supplanted first by silicon chip manufacturing plants and now companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook.

I've been slapping post-it notes throughout the book, marking all the goodies I want to make, but I'm starting with recipes using fresh apricots since I have a boatload to get through (see my post about 100 + pounds of apricots!). First up is this easy cake where apricot halves are placed face down in a cake pan, covered with an…

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