Daffodils - Ultimate Low-Maintenance Garden Friend

'Ice Follies' blooming in my garden - ninth year and counting!

Plant once.  Forget about 'em.  Every Spring, they send forth their cheerful blooms.  A warm hello from dear old friends.  
Now's the time to start planning and planting daffodil bulbs.  So many varieties to choose from!  You can even support small-business bulb-growers by buying directly from them.  Many of them are one-person operations who have devoted their lives to the hybridization and creation of new and unique varieties.  Here's a list from the Northern California Daffodil Society:

http://www.billthebulbbaron.com/      Santa Cruz, CA

http://www.mitschdaffodils.com/index.html      Hubbard, OR

http://www.cherrycreekdaffodils.com/index.html    Cherry Creek, OR  (You can even name your own daffodil!)

http://www.asis.com/users/nwilson/index.html     Garberville, CA

https://store.brentandbeckysbulbs.com/   Gloucester, VA

Here's some tips to get the biggest bang for your buck:
  1. Plant varieties that have a good track record for naturalizing in your area.  Try these suggestions from the American Daffodil Society:  Ice Follies, Tete-a-Tete, Flower Record, Delibes, Unsurpassable, Barrett Browning, Scarlet Gem, Geranium, Cheerfulness, Peeping Tom, Mount Hood, Spellbinder, Carlton, and Viking.  In Northern California, you can add to the list:   Avalanche, Grand Monarch, Erlicheer, Soleil d'Or, Autumn Colors, and Golden Dawn.
  2. Plant in big clumps, 6-12 bulbs together in a large size hole (9-12" wide, 5-6" deep).  It will look better in bloom, plus you won't have to dig so many holes!
  3. Plant in well-draining soil and in a sunny spot.  Once leaves have dried and turned brown, it's ok if the bulbs are shaded, so under a deciduous tree works great.
  4. Don't remove foliage from spent flowers until they've turned completely brown.  The leaves make food for the bulbs for the following year's flowers.
  5. Avoid watering during the summer months when bulbs are dormant. 
Now, sit back and enjoy years of repeat blooms!


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