Bubble Wrap and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When we remodeled two years ago, we replaced most of the existing single pane aluminum frame windows with double paned windows. But we left five 9' tall, floor-to-ceiling, obscure reeded glass windows in our stairwell. The cost to replace them was prohibitive and dare I say I had started to find certain elements of our old house endearing. They bring in wonderful light, but in the winter they also bring in a noticeable chill.

Then I read about bubble wrapping your windows in The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen. "Simply cut sheets of bubble wrap so they are sized to fit your windows, apply some water to the window with a spray bottle and before it dries, stick the bubble wrap on the glass. It will stay put." I couldn't wait to try this out. I did a little trial area and whaddya know, like magic, it really does stick!

Granted it's not the prettiest way to reduce heat loss, plus it obscures your view if you're using it on clear glass, so I don't plan on doing this in the rest of our house. But since our stairwell is in the back of the house and the view is already obscured, why not. And dare I say, those round bubbles against the vertical stripes of the reeded glass makes for a cool graphic look!


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