B. Patisserie and Kouign Amann

Continuing our food jaunt in San Francisco, we visited the über-bakery of the moment, B. Patisserie. Located on California Street at Divisadero, parking was hard to come by on a late Friday afternoon, so Tristan first dropped us off then continued on his hunt for a parking spot. Good thing, because at 5pm, one hour before closing, there's not much left at the bakery.

There was no time to admire the smart interior.  I immediately snagged the last two croissants, plus a quartet of their specialty, the kouign amann ("queen ah-mann"), both the plain version and the chocolate version. There was also one last gougere.  My pangs of guilt at having deprived the other people behind me were short-lived.  Hey, it's dog eat dog out there; or in this case, foodie eat kouign amann.

I was trying to tell the kids to save the delectable treasures for after dinner, but who was I kidding?  Oldest daughter also wanted to try one of their tartines, or open-faced sandwiches.  I guess that became their dinner. The kids did display enough restraint to leave a bite of each for Tristan to sample.

I don't often go off raving mad about stuff, but I will now with regards to kouign amanns!  Maybe it was from the sheer delight of discovering a new object of desire (Kouign Amann, where have you been all my life?!?). Or maybe it was knowing I'm unlikely ever to make one, hence, it will be a once in a blue moon treat, because I sooo DO NOT want to know how much butter is in this thing.  Or maybe it was simply because B. Patisserie's kouign amann was so perfectly buttery, so perfectly caramelized, so perfectly flaky yet so perfectly cakey, so perfectly innocent looking, yet so perfectly indulgent.

B. Patisserie
2821 California St.  San Francisco, CA 94115

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