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Mix-in-the-Pan Lemon Cake

One can never have enough lemon recipes, especially lemon CAKE recipes! Continuing a recent exploration into finding the best lemon cake recipes, I remembered how much I loved the light and airy texture of Cal Peternell's Mix-in-the-Pan Chocolate Cake, and thought with a few modifications, this might be worthy of adding to the repertoire.

I started with pretty straightforward changes, omitting the espresso granules and replacing the cocoa powder with an equivalent amount of flour. Next, instead of red wine vinegar, I subbed freshly squeezed lemon juice. I further amped up the lemon flavor by adding lemon zest and replacing the vanilla extract with lemon extract.

The cake turned out nice, but I wanted more lemon flavor and the texture wasn't quite as light and airy as the chocolate version. I tweaked the second version by increasing the lemon zest and getting rid of the extra flour. Winner!

This is the perfect spur-of-the-moment cake to bake. There are no eggs or butter to cre…

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