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Glazed Lemon Sour Cream Cake

A Facebook post inspired several friends and me to search out the best lemon cake recipes. So far, we've tried Frog Hollow Farm's Meyer Lemon Cake, Ina Garten's Lemon Cake and my personal favorite, this Glazed Lemon Sour Cream Cake from Diane Rossen Worthington.

For the cake batter, Worthington uses lemon extract instead of lemon juice. A lemon syrup poured onto the warm cake infuses it with additional flavor.

The original recipe calls for inverting the cake onto a wire rack and then pouring the syrup on top. I found it easier to leave the warm cake in the pan and pour the syrup onto the "bottom" of the cake, so the recipe below reflects that.

You can dress this cake up or down. I served this cake with raspberries, whipped cream and a quick raspberry coulis made by crushing fresh raspberries and mixing in some of the lemon syrup. The next morning though, the kids just cut thick slices and ate them out of hand!

We'd like to add to our list, so feel free to sh…

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