The Night Before

I had a rather lengthy packing list, since we had to plan for both cold, wet and hot weather, plus we had to bring all of the camping gear and food. Things were moving along until disaster struck at 10pm. The two oldest kids were already asleep, but Phoebe was still awake and running around with no intentions of going to bed. All of a sudden Tristan and I hear screaming and crying, the kind as a parent, you know, will actually require attention.
Anywhere else on the body, I wouldn't have cared, but with a cut just above her right eye, it was off to the emergency room. Two and a half hours later, Phoebe and I returned home, her cut super-glued (I'm told you can buy this stuff online and DIY at home), told by the doctor she will definitely have a scar, and finally ready to go to sleep, well at least Phoebe is. I still have a few last things to pack and my head finally hits the pillow around 1:30am.


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